Our partners

Without the resources and financial support provided by our partners, VSPD wouldn’t be able to deliver essential services and equipment to people with disabilities around Vanuatu.

Below are just some of our partners who ensure VSPD is able to continue running.


Air Vanuatu
Air Vanuatu subcontracts VSPD to package the cutlery for all its flights. Currently three people with disabilities package cutlery at Air Vanuatu Catering through the partnership.


Altus Resource Trust
The New Zealand-based organisation has been sending clinical volunteers on field visits to Vanuatu to support our fieldworkers and clients since 2010. Its volunteers include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and wheelchair technicians.


ANZ Bank Vanuatu
In May 2014, ANZ Bank Vanuatu donated a bus and three months fuel to VSPD. The bus is put to good use picking up children and caregivers who attend our Early Intervention Pikinini Group four mornings a week. Without the provision of a free pickup and drop-off service, many of our clients would be unable to attend the group.


Au Bon Marché
Au Bon Marché contributes towards our core running costs.


Australian High Commission in Vanuatu

The Australian High Commission has supported the VSPD through its Direct Aid Program grants. The VSPD has used these grants to purchase mobility aids, such as crutches and walkers, for clients.


Australian Government funded Stretem Rod Blong Jastis Program

The Stretem Rod Blong Jastis Program supports our Early Intervention and Community Based Rehabilitation programs.


Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID)
We have been supported by Australian volunteers on placements at VSPD through the Australian Government-funded AVID program since 2009.


Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
JICA has supported VSPD by placing JICA volunteers at our organisation and funding disability training for our fieldworkers.


Motivation Australia

Motivation Australia provide technical assistance and training to our staff and volunteers on prescribing equipment correctly to our clients.


New Zealand Aide Programme

Through the Basket blong Sapotem KommunitiKAMAP Fund, the New Zealand Aide Programme supports our Early Intervention and Community Based Rehabilitation programs.


Pikinini Playtime

We partner with Pikinini Playtime to provide free education for children with disabilities at its Australian-standard school in Malapoa, Port Vila. VSPD identifies and refers children with disabilities to Pikinini Playtime who facilitates sponsorship of school fees and additional support. These children are often graduates of our Early Intervention Pikinini Group who have demonstrated great progress in their development skills.


Port Vila Municipal Council
The local government council contributes towards our core running costs.


Unicef provide funding to support our Early Intervention Program for children with disabilities.


Unitarian Unversalist Service Committee

The Unitarian Unversalist Service Committee are supporting the VSPD with it’s post-Cyclone Pam response.


Vanuatu Government Ministry of Justice and Community Services’ Disability Desk
The Disability Desk supports VSPD’s Early Intervention and Community Based Rehabilitation programs.