Community based rehabilitation

Community based rehabilitationCommunity based rehabilitation (CBR) focuses on enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities to enable them to participate fully in community life.

Our program provides at-home rehabilitation services for people with disabilities including assessment, physical therapy and speech therapy. We undertake the distribution and fitting of mobility assistance devices including walkers, crutches, frames and wheelchairs for our clients. VSDP also trains parents, caregivers and community members on how to best support the person in their care.

VSDP disability fieldworkers conduct community based rehabilitation with clients who live all over the island of Efate. Our fieldworkers also make regularly field trips to other islands to provide community based rehabilitation to our clients.

In 2014, our disability fieldworkers have visited clients in Efate, Lelepa, Moso, Nguna, Pele, Emao, Emae, Tongoa, Malekula and the Maskelynes.